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Oferta de empleo | Setdresser/Layout Artist

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AMUSE is a producer and distributor of animated content for VOD platforms, powered by an entrepreneurial spirit. Disruptors at heart, we are constantly searching for innovative ways to bring the best animated content possible for kids and adults alike!Our strategy? Having a ‘digital-first’ approach. We create our shows independently and launch them across all major platforms (YouTube, Amazon, iQiyi, you name it!) through our distribution network, reaching a worldwide audience, maximising engagement and generating billions of views in the process.Our philosophy? Being ‘audience-centric’. We leverage tech and performance data to tailor our concepts into being the most appealing possible. Today, a plurality of shows are competing over watch time so who better to help creators stand out than the viewers themselves?By meeting a worldwide audience and refining our content to their response, we maximize chances to create meaningful brands. 

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Job description


  • The Layout Artist is responsible for the implementation of assets and cameras in a 3D scene. He creates a cinematic vision based on the 2D storyboard and determines the depth and perspective of what is displayed on screen. 



  • Interpret and conceptualize the series script according to the creative team instructions;
  • Create scenes and shots by place characters, props and environments according to the storyboard/previz;
  • Put the characters in key poses to define their actions and movements;
  • Define camera angles and animate them, if applicable;
  • Adapt shot staging according to the composition;
  • Check the conformity and continuity of the sequences;
  • Maintain timing and production quotas given by the Production Coordinator;
  • Execute the corrections requested by the Supervisor and the Creative Director by showing an analytic mind;
  • Organize work and prepare presentation elements for approval;
  • Communicate and seek information if necessary;
  • Maintain a good team dynamics;




  • College diploma in 3D graphic arts;
  • Minimum 6 months Layout / Previz Artist experience in a film/animation production environment / TV productions or visual effects;
  • Have a good eye for image composition (direction) and good knowledge of cameras;
  • Strong ability of narration;
  • Excellent knowledge of MAYA;
  • Knowledge of the asset manager SHOTGUN is a plus;
  • Willing to relocate in Canary Islands


13 WORKSHOPS GRATIS | Arte 2D, Animación, VFX y Videojuegos


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13 WORKSHOPS GRATIS | Arte 2D, Animación, VFX y Videojuegos


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Animación 3D & 2D en España ❤️ TOP 6 Mejores Escuelas TOP 6 Mejores Escuelas para Estudiar Animación 3D & 2D en España