Gran Workshop de la Animación 👈 SUSCRÍBETE (ES GRATIS) Gran Workshop de la Animación 👈 SUSCRÍBETE (ES GRATIS)

Asistente de Producción – Prácticas

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Amuse Studios

AMUSE is a producer and distributor of animated content for VOD platforms, powered by an entrepreneurial spirit. Disruptors at heart, we are constantly searching for innovative ways to bring the best animated content possible for kids and adults alike with a 360ºdigital approach to reach its audience organically and promote universal and positive values.

Translated in 27 languages, our contents are distributed to allmajor digital platforms across more than 100 channels worldwide.



Our values?








Our strategy?

Having a ‘digital-first’ approach. We create our shows independently and launch them across all major platforms (YouTube, Amazon, iQiyi, you name it!) through our distribution network, reaching a worldwide audience, maximising engagement and generating billions of views in the process. 


Our philosophy?

Being ‘audience-centric’. We leverage tech and performance data to tailor our concepts into being the most appealing possible. Today, a plurality of shows is competing over watch time so who better to help creators stand out than the viewers themselves? 

By meeting a worldwide audience and refining our content to their response, we maximize chances to create meaningful brands. 



AMUSE Network is currently hiring a Production Assistant internship to support the production team within our Service business unit:




Supporting the Production Coordinators in all production steps and tasks of the series
Note and minutes taking in meetings and review sessions
Aid in the ingest and export for outsourcing services
Manage and organize data on servers
Support production by running daily sessions for review of work in progress
Work with artists to make sure they have material in the required format



Confident clear communicator
Sharp and resilient
Organised and uses initiative
Excellent computer skills: Windows, MS Word, Microsoft Excel



This position is based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

Full time position from Monday to Thursday: 08.00-16.00 and Friday 08.00-14.00

Internship: 3 -6 months

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